Audio files of interviews with fans

As part of the Swans100 archive project, we recorded peoples’ stories to capture the authentic voices of Swansea City fans. Some of the memories go back 60 or 70 years.

Some of those who we recorded also left us their stories in written form, or completed our survey – but nothing can quite compare to hearing real fans talking in their own words.

What comes across most of all is the warmth, passion and long-suffering perseverance of Swans’ fans!.

Copies of these recordings are held at West Glamorgan Archives. They include:

Alan Jones looks back on his experiences as a player in the 1960s

Barry Roberts talks about his programme collection dating back to the late 1960s

Brian Morgan talks about his experience as a coach driver for the Swans

Byron Cooze talks about a ticket he inherited from a Swansea charity match in 1918

Carl Allen talks about his t-shirt from the Save the Swans campaign in the 1980s

Dennis Corcoran talks about being a Swans fan since 1957-8

Derek Hughes talks about selling programmes in the late 1940s

Father and son Gareth (49) and Tom Rees (23) talk about their history of supporting the Swans

Gareth Jones, a fan who first went in the early 1960s

Geoff Tanner, a Swansea fan since his schoolboy days in the 1950s

Gwyn Rees talks about his collection of Swansea memorabilia

James Gates, talks about his football photographs and his family history dating back to before the war

Jean Evans, talks about family connections with the foundations of the club

Jeffrey Comley talks about the Swans in the war and his father’s career as a player [Written notes]

Kevin Thyer, a fan since the 1960s [Written Summary]

Loraine Corbett talks about her time as chairman of the supporters’ club in the 1980s [Written Transcript]

Matt Parry talks about his collection of memorabilia and supporting the Swans [Partial transcript]

Mel Clare, whose grandfather photographed the Swans before WW1

Mike Trew, a fan since the 1960s

Muriel (b. 1923) talks about her life in Swansea

Paul Griffiths, a disabled fan, and his helpers talk about his experiences as a fan

Rob Landers (b.1923), whose memories of supporting the Swans stretch back into the 1930s

Roy Griffiths (and son), a fan since the 1940s [Roy Griffiths transcript]

Tash Smith talks about dressing up to watch the Swans

Timothy Williams, a 40 year old fan

Memories from Stuart Davies (1950s) Online

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