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Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Swans100 project explored, conserved and celebrated the heritage of Swansea City FC. It commemorated the Swans’ centenary in 2012 and was a partnership between Swansea University and the Swansea City Supporters’ Trust.

It established an online archive, consisting of fans’ memories, team shirts, photographs and other historic documents.  In giving a voice to football supporters, the project explored and celebrated the relationship between Swansea City and the community and created a permanent record for future generations.

The online archive includes education packs that schools can use to utilise football to teach maths, literacy and history. The project ran two museum exhibitions, community events, a children’s competition and produced a book of fan memories and one about the club’s history more broadly.

You can also read about the history of the club and view items and incidents related to that history here. Other pages include brief histories of Swansea City songs, the south Wales derby, and hooliganism.

Swansea City is more than just a team of players. We wanted people of all ages to remember their experiences of being a Swans fan.  We wanted to record all the things that history normally forgets – why people from near and far support a football club, their little superstitions and rituals, the balancing acts between football, family, money and distance, what it feels like to win or lose a game 5-0, even what the Vetch toilets were like.

You can contact the project by leaving a message in the comments box below. Your message will not be published.

This site used to be hosted at swans100.org.uk

Due to the ways in which we are acquiring information for the archive, we cannot always be sure of the original source(s), and we realise that some of the content on this site might be copyright of another party.

We do not want to infringe on any copyright holdings of other people or companies. Therefore, if you find an item on the site that you hold copyright over and would like it removed, please let us know using the comment box.

 1993 advert
1933 advert for Down’s furniture from the match programme

12 responses to “Swans100

  1. Paul Williams

    Fantastic idea all good things to the people behind this I look forward to all things to do with this in the future

  2. huwswans100

    Thanks Paul. Glad you like it!

  3. Dunvant Male Choir, founded in 1895 would be delighted to be associated with the centenary of Swansea City FC. We as a choir and as choristers within the choir have avidly supported the team over the century.
    Congratulations Swans!

  4. huwswans100

    Thanks Dewi! We’ll be in touch.

  5. Mitchell Powell

    I’ve got the boot that scored the last ever goal at the vetch, (Andy Robinson)

  6. Julian Alsop

    I played for the swans between 1998 to 2000. If you need any info for that era please email more than happy to help.

  7. Jim

    Please can you tell me if there is going to be any kind of souvenir produced to commemorate the centenary? We had the wonderful Vetch Field Box Set for the leaving season, so what about this occasion?

    Many Thanks

    • There is a series of up to four books planned by the Supporters Trust, the first of which will be out by the end of July. This will be about the fans’ experiences, and basically include material submitted to this website and via our on-line survey. The Evening Post will aslo be producing their own centenary book.

  8. Evening. I’m writing ‘Swansea in the Great War’ and will be mentioning the club, albeit fairly briefly. Do you own the image of ‘Swans Shaving Salon’ and the 1914-15 fixture list? Plus the sheep and the soldiers? If there are no copyright issues I might be able to include it in my book, with a credit to you and/or the site, if that’s OK?

    My blog: http://swanseainthegreatwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Bernard Lewis

  9. inde

    Wel!! Itx a grt idea ..it leads to the progress of the club nd also the members of the clubs.and i ll like to encourage the then club manager to master his young stars…. the jacka of all trades!!!………….

  10. Hi there, is it possible to get in touch with anyone who might have copies of goals from your games on video, DVD or computer file? I’m looking to improve our archive at Scunthorpe United and there are a few games we’re missing that could prove very useful. Kind regards, Chris Mumby (Scunthorpe United media manager)

  11. Shane

    Would anyone have any information for me please. I’m looking to get info on my great grandfather who we believed played for swansea around 1938 to 1941. He also played for the Welsh boys football association. His name is Leonard Morgan.

    Thank you

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