On these pages you can read about the Swansea fans and their experiences.

You can read many more of the memories in the project book Swansea ’til I die:  A Century of Supporting the Swans

Many of the memories were captured by an online survey run by the project.

Read more about:

Fans’ memories from the survey (examples)

Stories from the fans

Descriptions of crowds at the Vetch

Video stories from fans

Videos recorded by fans

Supporters’ songs and chants

Average league attendances

Nostalgia, identity and family in modern football: an analysis of fans’ memories from the Swans100 survey

Completed online versions of fans memories survey (Large Word file)

Interviews with fans

Derby days

A supporters’ history of the South Wales derby

Fans’ clothing

Supporters’ songs and chants

Supporters’ Trust

Hooliganism and Swansea City: a brief history

Racism and Swansea City

We hate England! We hate England?


Memories of Preston away 1981

Stories from fans from the press

The first Supporters’ Club crest from 1912-13 season

1993 advert

  1933 advert from the match programme


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