Swans100 Museum Exhibitions


Turnstile from the Vetch Field

The project ran a dual-museum exhibition which ran across Swansea Museum and the National Waterfront Museum.

You can read the panels from the Swansea museum section online in English here. You can also download the bilingual (Welsh and English) versions from the links below.

You can read a press report of the exhibition here.

The panels from the part of our exhibition which were displayed in the Swansea Museum are all here (bilingual English and Welsh text):


The birth of the Swans in 1912

World War I and after

The 1930s and World War II

1940s and 50s: The golden age

The Swinging Sixties

Town to City: Lows to High

The 1980s: The rollercoaster years

The 1990s

The 21st century

Saying goodbye to the Vetch

The Vetch

The section of our exhibition that was displayed in the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, is all here. All text is bilingual.


South Wales 1912

The early years

The 1920s and 1930s

The Welsh Cup

A Welsh team?

Swansea In Europe

The Welsh ‘Big Four’

Fans dig deep in hard times

A dramatic save

The Liberty: a new home

Our exhibition was spread across two museum in Swansea – Swansea Museum and the National Waterfront Museum. Both sites featured a series of “Top Trump” fact panels about Swans’ players over the years. Here they all are to view:

Roger Freestone Fact     Robbie James Fact     Mel Nurse Fact      Mel Charles Fact Joe Sykes Fact     Jack Fowler Fact     Ivor Allchurch Fact    Cyril Pearce Fact Cliff Jones Fact    Billy Hole Fact     Billy Ball Fact     Benny Beynon Fact         Barrie Jones Fact      Alan Curtis Fact      Roy Paul Fact


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