West Glamorgan archives

West Glamorgan archives hold much information on the Swans. Volunteers on the project produced A Guide to West Glamorgan Archives and Swansea Central Library to let people know what’s football material is there. 

The documents held at the archives include local newspaper cuttings, programmes, photographs and handwritten season reviews, including fragments of notes from AGM’s.

Separate to the Swans, the archives also hold a range of photographs and records from local school boy teams during the twentieth century, which were often linked to the club itself.

The archive also holds material donated to the Swans1oo project and copies of all the oral history recordings made. For more information see here.





3 responses to “West Glamorgan archives

  1. Tony Sealey

    I am trying to find details of a match between Swansea and Spurs on 10 November 1928
    I know that Spurs played in red shirts in the first half and blue in the second half that day and that they changed at ht due to the rain.
    These were not Spurs’ normal change colours at this time and I believe that these shirts were borrowed from the Swans, their change colours being blue in 28/29 and maroon (red) the previous season.

    Is there any information in the archives on this match, or can anyone add any further knowledge, ie photos, match reports, programmes or any subsequent comments about this kit anomaly?

    • HanesCymru

      There’s no mention of this in the Western Mail’s match report I’m afraid, although it does mention the very bad weather.

      • Tony Sealey

        Thanks for the response

        There is a mention of the colour change in the South Wales Daily Press, but not the source of the shirts.

        Are there any other local newspapers that would have covered this match?

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