The Swans and World War II

The Second World War disrupted football as it disrupted nearly aspect of life on the home front.

For a period the club had to share St Helens with the local rugby but that at least forced improvements at the Vetch because in the club’s time away the pitch turned into a quagmire.

Much of the old slag on the playing surface was removed and new ‘sea-washed’ turf from Loughor was planted. The new pitch was said to be “springy and tough”. Improvements were also undertaken on the North Bank for those “who prefer to receive their soccer thrills when standing” (Evening Post, 1 Sept 1942).

The club struggled to field a team at times but continued to play friendlies and in makeshift leagues. It did, at least, achieve some fine results in this period. You can read some match reports from 1942 by clicking on the files below.


12 goals. Sept 14. 42. Sept 7th 42.

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