Boy of the Year 1964 – Where are you now?

In 1964, 12-year-old Gilbert Honey Jones was elected Swansea Town’s Boy of the Year. It was a reward for his devotion to the Swans and his activity with the Junior Supporters’ Club. He got to travel to Crystal Palace, sit with the Swans’ directors and even eat with the team, according to an article in “Soccer Star” magazine. Apart from Gilbert, young fans Stewart Grindley, David Squibb, Paul Bowden and Peter Honey Jones were named in the report – waving their rattles and autograph books and cheering on the Swans through all adversity.

Where are Gilbert and the others now? Still following the Swans? We would love to hear from you, and anyone else who was Boy of the Year. Follow this link to read the whole “Soccer Star” piece:   Boy of the Year 1964

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