The Vetch between the wars

The early days

The opening of a new stand at the Vetch, Swans v Barry,  From The Cambrian 19 September 1913

On the first occasion that it was open to the public, the new grandstand was very much needed. Heavy showers of rain fell before the kick-off, and the covered stand was soon filled. Despite the unfavourable weather, the cheap side was rapidly occupied, and the interval of waiting for the teams to field was wiled away by the band discoursing ragtime. The teams were given a warm welcome when they came out, and at that time there were about 5,000 spectators present.

Between the wars

This was the era that saw the ground develop into something resembling its later life. The double decker at the west end of the ground was built. You can read an evocative 1922 description of the ground here.

Have a look at the Vetch on an early 1920s map of the area
click to enlarge

Building the double decker West Stand, 1927

click to enlarge

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