Herbie Williams Testimonial

Herbie Williams (b. 1940), an inside forward, played for the Swans from 1958 to 1975, making 513 league appearances and scoring 104 goals. He also won 3 caps for Wales. You can read his testimonial brochure here. It contains many memories of the Swans in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.


5 responses to “Herbie Williams Testimonial

  1. Ruth thornhill

    Can anyone help us get in touch with herbie and Christine, we were neighbours in bellambi australia in 1975 and lost touch shortly after returning to uk.

    • Simon

      Hi Ruth, I remember you.
      They are both well and living in Swansea. I came back 5 years ago and live in Newcastle NSW. My mother and father will be visiting this Xmas for 6 weeks.
      Hope all’s well and that the years have been kind to you.
      (Herbie and Chris’s son)

  2. clive

    Worked with Herbie at the Swansea sorting office he was a brilliant player and such a lovely person to talk to in todays game he would be worth more than Gareth Bale

  3. Andy Campbell

    Trying to catch up with Herbie – he transformed me from a fullback to a straight out centreback when he coached in Australia back in the 1970’s. Be great to hear from him.

    • Simon Williams

      Hello Andy
      He returned to UK after 2 years in Australia. He played semi-pro for a few years whilst working in the Post Office. He retired about 10 years ago and is still in good health. He has returned to Aus a few times since to visit me, I live in Newcastle. We had a reunion in Wollongong a few years back where around 8-10 of the old team turned up to see him, Peter Beggs, Steve Davies, Daryl Glover to name but a few. Regards
      Simon Williams (Herbies son)

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