Swans at Liverpool in the League

The Swans have played 11 League matches at Anfield since 1954. They were all in the Second Division up to 1962, but since 1981 the three encounters have been in the top flight. 20 years elapsed between the last 2nd division match and the first top flight game; and then another 30 years before the teams met in the Premier League for the first time last season. So let’s get this in perspective: next Sunday’s game will be only the 4th time the Swans have visited Anfield in the last 51 years!

For the stats-minded, it almost goes without saying that Swansea have never won in the League at Anfield. Last October’s win there in the League Cup was only the Swans’ second victory ever, the previous one being in the FA Cup in 1964.

The odds of history are against the Swans, but the way they have been playing this season it would be unwise to write them off.

Here are a few past programmes from previous Anfield encounters:

But lest we forget….according to David Farmer’s biography of the Swans, then Liverpool chairman Sir John Smith met with Doug Sharpe in the disastrous 1983-84 season and generously agred to write off the £300,000 debt the Swans owed to Liverpool! If it is true, we all owe the Anfield club a lot.

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