Recent material sent in by Roy Morgan

Swans fan Roy recently brought in a collection of handbooks and matchday magazines from various periods of the history of the club.

One such item  was a supporters handbook from the 1914-15 season,  below are some extracts (click to enlarge):

This 30 page document contains all sorts of fascinating insights into how the football club was run in its infancy. The book also introduced the Chairman, Manager and playing staff to the supporters  and even outlined the rules of the association football game to the reader.  One of the most interesting features of this handbook is the adverts, which offer a wide range of services to the supporter, including: Turkish baths, shaving saloons,  bird seeds and tobacco!
This handbook also gives fans a large amount of information regarding tables, results and goalscorers in all competitions from the previous season.

To see further extracts from the 1914-15 handbook, follow this link – 1914-15 Club Handbook
Another document that Roy brought in for us was a handbook from the 1925-26 season
Roy also provided us with a variety of programmes from throughout the club’s history.

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