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Things you can do to help

Learn more about some of the events we have hosted here.

If you want to help us make this the best possible once-in-a-century historic archive, you can get involved with the project in a number of ways.


Fill out the fans’ survey

The more detail the better but please don’t feel constrained by the questions, tell us whatever you want.  We are interested in what the Swans mean to you, how you have followed them and how supporting the club interacts with other things in your life. We are also interested in how things might have changed over time. To access the survey use the menu at the top of the page.

Feel free to email us your stories too or add them in the comments boxes on the website. These can be about anything to do with the Swans.

Scan any images, ticketstubs, programmes or fanzines that you have.

It is worth checking with us that we haven’t already got copies. Because we want these scans to be around when the club are celebrating their 200th birthday ideally we would like the scans to be as high quality as possible. This means scanning at 300 dpi. This can be done by clicking on the options button in your scan software. It will mean that the filesize is very large, which might create problems for you emailing it to us, but there are plenty of ways around this. Just get in touch.

Take photographs of any memorabilia or mementoes you have.

This might include mugs, autograph books, stickers, anything! Ideally, we are interesting in things that are no longer available to buy. Again, to help the photographs last please try and use a high resolution (megapixel) setting.  Ideally take a photograph from more than one angle so the viewer can get a full impression of the object.

If you can send us any memories of where and when you got the item and what it means to you then all the better.

Interview older fans

There are two ways to help here. The first is to sit down with any older fans that you know and fill out the questionnaire with them. This could be done on the computer or by hand. You might prompt them to expand on their stories.

We are also looking for people to carry out interviews with fans. We would give you training on how to do this and can lend you some recording equipment. Interviews are a far better way of capturing memories because people are more willing to talk than write. It also gives the interviewer the chance to ask follow up questions and dig deeper on the more interesting material.

Transcribing work

Some fans are filling out the questionnaires by hand.  We are looking for people to help type these up. We would send you photocopies of the hand written material so you could do the typing at home.


Come along to the open days

We will be hosting a few open days around westWales. You will be able to look at some of the material already collected and bring along your own material for us to photograph or scan.

Take part in a fans’ memory exchange

Memories are often better recorded by conversations rather than in isolation. We are going to be holding a few meetings where fans can sit around and exchange memories and thoughts about their experiences of supporting the Swans. We will record these for the archive.

Education packs

If you work in a school we’d love your feedback on the education packs we are creating for children. These will be using football to help teach maths, history, literacy and citizenship.

Newspaper research

We will be assembling a collection of clippings of key matches. These will be taken from the newspaper collection atSwanseacentral library. Help with this would be great. Again, we’ll provide the training.

If there are any other ways you think you can help just let us know. We are very happy to answer questions and offer advice and training on technical and other issues.

Our email is

Our telephone is 01792 606535

2 responses to “Get involved

  1. Matt Parry

    Hi guys, i have got qiute a bit of memrobilla collected which i’m willing to lend if i know their going to be looked after & the security of the items will be looked after as well as it will cost a fortune to replace.
    Its not the best collection i imagine but theirs quite a lot of programmes with tickets & Players shirts of recent years.
    Would you photograph the items if you think you can use them or have them on display ?
    I work in England & come home to place in Pembrokeshire at weekends so i’m limited to what times a can drop off some of the stuff to you !
    Regards Matt Parry.
    Tel 07528315698

  2. Johnny


    I am an artist and I am producing a piece celebrarting Swansea’s great achievement this year. I am looking for player stats to help produce the design. I need information on
    – the top 150 Swansea players in terms of appearances
    – the top 50 goalscorers

    If you can help. or guide me to a reliable website or source, I would be most grateful.

    Kind Regards and all the best of luck with your project.

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