A few newspaper football cartoons about Swansea Town, 1910s, 1920s and 1930s

SWDP1914-10-03 Cartoon - Swans good start (3)

The Swans celebrate a good start to the 1914-15 season (South Wales Daily Post, 3 October 1914).

SWDP1914-10-31 Cartoon - Swans on top of the division (3)

A war-themed cartoon as the Swans reach the top of the Southern League in 1914 (South Wales Daily Post, 31 October 1914).

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‘Swans flying towards Wembley’ 1926 

A cartoon about Swansea Town reaching the FA Cup 5th round in 1926. Taken from the South Wales Daily Post, 3 February 1926.

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Swans v Portsmouth, FA Cup round 5, 17 Feb 1934. 

29,700 saw this match, a record at the time. The cartoon is a good illustration of how crowds before the Second World War could be just as questioning of referees as some of their successors! Swansea lost 1-0. The cartoon is taken from the South Wales Evening Post, 19 February 1934.

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Swansea Town 6 Wolves 0 (South Wales Daily Post, 19 September 1927). Note how the Wolves directors are blamed. Before WW2 it was the norm for directors rather than the manager to pick the team.

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