Boy of the Year 1964

An issue of  “Soccer Star” magazine from 1964 carried the following story:


Twelve-year-old Gilbert Honey Jones is a boy who achieved his ambition to become a Swan.  He was elected Swansea Town’s Boy of the Year 1964.

“I was thrilled to bits,” chuckled Gilbert. “I have been supporting Swansea since 1959 and have travelled all over the place for away games. As a reward, Mr. Trevor Morris, the manager, and the directors took me with the team to Crystal Palace. I ate with the team and had a seat in the directors’ box. A wonderful day.”

A very level-headed boy is Gilbert, who is a leading light in the Swans Junior Supportrers’ C;ub. Many of his ideas are packed with sound common sense. “All grounds should have better accommodation set aside for boys and there should be a national organisation – better still and international body – for junior supporters. And I hope we at Swansea will some day have headquarters near the ground where we can meet regularly.”

Gilbert introduced me to many of his pals during a recent match at Vetch Fiield. Stewart Grindley, 14, David Squibb, 12, Paul Bowden, 13, and Gilbert’s eight-year-old brother Peter made my life a misery from the moment I suggested their heroes might next season be in the Third Division – and would they still follow the team then?

“We won’t go down,” they roared, with what looked like threatening gestures with their rattles and autographs books. “But even if they were bottom of the Fourth we would still follow them.”

Loyal to the core, those youngsters. But so were the older Swansea fans. They haven’t a lot to cheer just now but, even when their side was struggling, the ten thousand crowd made more noise than forty thousand at Stamford Bridge.


The original 1964 article in the "Soccer Star"

9 responses to “Boy of the Year 1964

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  2. Hi there. I am now in Malysia but still as passionate as ever about the Swans! Even after qualifying as a teacher, I worked in Swansea, then London and eventually went overseas in a coaching job in Kuwait. Since then I returned to London, but have continued overseas work in Bahrain, Thailand, Egypt China and now Malaysia.

    I am so proud to be a Jack and did a three day journey to Wembley for last year’s play-offs……left KL on Saturday, arrived Heathrow Sunday……….saw the game and was back on a plane to KL on Monday. We have had Swans matches on TV here every weekend except two…………….so I am kept visually informed and not just the net.

    Come on you Swans………………….once a Jack alwayd a Jack!


    • Fantastic to make contact with Gilbard through this website! Good to hear that being Boy of the Year was a stepping stone to a successful international career! Thanks for getting in touch, Gilbard.

  3. Forgot to say that I was presented with the cup by Trevor Morris on the pitch before Man City game when Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison brought double winners to the Vetch which we managed a draw!

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  5. What a great motivational story… he made it what he wanted to.

  6. suehanmore (Mitchell)

    Are you the ‘Mr Honey-Jones who married Trish( and we came to your wedding). Did you teach at Spring Park Junior School?

  7. Gilbard Honey-Jones

    That is me!

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