What it all really means….

What can I say, supporting The Swans is one hell of a rollercoaster ride!!!  We’ve seen it all – from the depths of Division 4, to the top of Division 1; dropping back to the foot of the league, all but going out of business twice on the way; then the rise back to the promised land first under Martinez, then Brendan & that glorious day at Wembley.  Following The Swans is NEVER dull, a 550 mile round trip for every home game (further for me than most away games I go to!) is a small price to pay for the privilege of watching MY team play at MY stadium in MY town.  My only regret is that my Dad isn’t around to see us back there. Sadly he passed away in 1998 & the last game we saw together was Brighton at The Vetch in November 1996. We won 1-0, it was absolutely freezing.  We started the journey together in 1977, I wish we were still going to the games together.   He was there in spirit at Wembley though, I took his lucky cap to the game & I took hold of it in my pocket just seconds before Ashley Williams deflected the shot onto the post & Gary Monk blocked Hunt’s goal-bound follow-up shot. Perhaps he is still at the games with me after all…        Rob, 46

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