Things I remember

Things I remember from going with my uncle in the early sixties were being at the bottom of the North Bank up against the wall which surrounded the pitch, when some one would put the small boys to sit on the low wall which ran along the pitch.  We would then have to move back down when the policeman came around and sent us off again.  Really it was pretty dangerous as there was a drop back down to the steps of the terrace and we could very easily have been knocked off the wall by the ball or a player.

The players I remember particularly at that time were Mel Nurse.  He must have been captain in one of the early games I watched, as I remember my uncle saying that’s the captain – Nurse.  I remember believing that the captain in any team was given the “title” “Nurse” in that he protected / looked after the other players.  Noel Dwyer I also clearly remember.  I could not fully understand how an Irishman could be playing for Swansea – not having really grasped the concept of transfers.  My personal favourite was Graham “flicker” Williams.  who was a really speedy winger.  A general favourite was Herbie Williams.

Other memories were listening on the radio to the European matches – commentated by Alun Williams.  Being part of the very big excited crowd when the Swans played Arsenal in the FA Cup in 1968 (and being very disappointed when they lost 1-0).  Watching Geoge Best at the Vetch in 1970 for  Northern Ireland v Wales.  I remember Wales being uncompromising in their tackling in that game with Powell of Derby (I think) hardly giving Best any room.  Ronnie Rees scored the only goal.  Also being amazed and delighted at the big win against Leeds in the first match in the First Division.  I stood at the south side of the ground for the only time ever.

By Richard Roberts

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