There is just something different and special about our football club.

My life as an adopted Jack started in 1983 or was it 1984? Anyway was born and bred in Bristol but my dad is from Swansea so there was always a fair chance I would follow the Swans.

The first game was against Notts County the season we went down from the old Division 1. There on I was hooked. Living in Bristol and amongst City and Rovers fans there were always occasions where I took a lot of grief but always stuck with the Swans as watched a lot of football but the only buzz was entering the north bank and for some reason loving the hot dogs there!!

I have made many friends along the way, they know who they are, Gloucester Jacks. One of my favourite things was meeting up with the then Mags. I ended up at Cheltenham whilst my new to be mates were in Gloucester waiting for me, and whilst I was there a Rick Parfitt lookalike asking a ticket attendent ” Don’t you know who I am”.

My brother is a big Bristol Rovers and I like them to do well for his sake but when it comes to the Swans it just altogether different, nerves, confidence, disollusion, pride, that gorgeous bright all white kit, the north bank, now the east stand and finally always but always the pride when someone asks who do you follow? Swansea City my friend, Swansea City. It just always make people sit up and take notice. It doesn’t matter whether we are in League 2 or this wonderful season in the premiership, it will always be the same! There is just something different and special about our football club.

By Andy Concannon

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