I really wanted that scarf

My first match was against Man City 1983. We were in the old first division, going down as it turned out but I didn’t know that then. Even though I was starting my life as a Swans supporter I was most excited about the fact that Joe Corrigan was in goal for Man City. I had an annual (probably Shoot) with a big picture of him in. There weren’t pictures of Swans players in annuals in those days.

I grew up 40 odd miles west of Swansea and neither of my parents liked football so I was never going to be a regular as a kid but my Dad was taking me for my 10th birthday treat. We sat in the upper section of the old wooden double decker. I think we sat on a bench rather than a seat. There was a kid in front of me who had a very long black and white scarf, Tom Baker as Dr Who style. I really wanted that scarf.

I was amazed at men shouting and swearing without taking any notice of anyone around them. I remember sitting there wondering what was going to happen when we scored. (I don’t think it it occurred to me that we might not score.) When we did score everyone jumped up and the noise was immense. I was a bit late joining in but it was great. And we scored three more times that day. I can’t remember who scored though.

I think I assumed every game would be like that. Unfortunately they aren’t. Like that day, the crowd have sometimes been more interesting than the football.


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