A lick of paint

By Kevin Ryan

Not so many years ago in the late 90s or or early 2000s an advert appeared in the south Wales local paper looking for volunteers to help put a lick of paint around the Vetch in pre season to help cash struck Swansea City. I being the arty type volunteered to take it up a notch by painting the Swans black and white badge around different corners, in the dugout, on the North Nank at the South Stand. It wasn’t easy, as although I say I’m arty, it was a first for me to do this and I spent many hours happily doing it for my pride and joy Swans. I even sneaked in a “Swan swallowing a Blue bird” at the rear of the North Nank. I was so chuffed to have my name in the first game’s program being thanked.  David Morgan with the Swans board can confirm this.

When the Vetch was becoming an end of an era I had progressed to putting my canvases and sketches of fans, past players, match day scenes etc in my own little exhibition in the club shop which resulted in me passing on artwork for free to some old school Swans players. Even Mel Nurse rang me and asked about my painting of the late Welsh legend John Charles whom I was glad to present to his brother in his Birthday party in the Singleton.

At the new stadium I have done some cartoons for programs again free but although I’m only 45 I have health problems and lost my decorating business. Due to this I cannot do as much as I used to.  My finances don’t allow me to get a season ticket and unless they drop back to the championship getting a ticket for me and my 13 year old son Jack is impossible in the Premier League but I still want them up there with the best.

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