Some descriptions of the crowd at the Vetch

Swans v Arsenal in the FA Cup, 1926

Swans v Arsenal 1926. Click to enlarge

‘The final whistle at the Vetch Field on Saturday was the signal for the most amazing outburst of enthusiasm Welsh soccer has ever known. It was a roar of relief as well as joy. A dense mass of almost hysterical supporters – shouting, cheering, brandishing flags, rattles, sticks, and even leeks, yelled in unison for the heroes of the afternoons. Several women were in tears with joy.’

You can watch some newsreel footage of the match and the crowds here

Swansea’s Sporting News in 1922 on fans at the Vetch who barrack their own players

Generally he is short of stature, anaemic-looking, with a head too big to suggest it contains only brains, a high shrieking voice, reminiscent of a rusty saw in quick staccato action. He is blind to every move initiated by the Swansea Town players, but his attention to a faulty clearance or badly placed pass is microscopic.

More Pathe newsreel footage of matches at the Vetch, with some great crowd shots and panoramics of the ground. These links will open in a new window

Swans v Newcastle FA Cup round 5 (1952)

Swans v Stoke FA Cup round 4 (1955)

Video footage of the Vetch atmosphere in its last years

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