Eileen Morgan – 1280 games

Eileen Morgan from Winch Waun

Eileen has seen approximately 1,250 home games and 30 away games.  She has been a season-ticket holder since 1949 and now sits in the West Stand.

‘My first match was at the end of the 1945/6 season against Wolves.  I was 11-years old and stood under the Double Decker.  I didn’t see a player or a blade of grass, only the ball when it was in the air.  But I was hooked and have been a supporter ever since.  I didn’t see a player but Raich Carter who was one of the great footballers of all time captained Wolves that day.  My Dad was home on leave from the army and kept saying “I would never have brought you if I knew there would be this many people here.”’

First away game: ‘1949 against Bristol Rovers.  We were both fighting for promotion to the Second Division.  It ended 1-1. The train wasn’t leaving Bristol until 10.00 after the game so my friend and I went to see Ted Ray as Buttons in Cinderella…. On the way home, youngsters who had drunk too much caused mayhem and the train had to stop so many times it was gone 4.00 am when we arrived home.’

Most vivid home memory:  ‘In a Welsh Cup tie against Merthyr in 1950, the [railway] sleepers on the North Bank went on fire and we all had to run out.  We waited until the fire was put out and then the game resumed.’

Most vivid away memory:  ‘Going to Highbury. The stadium was so impressive and we beat Arsenal 2-0’.

Crowd trouble at home games:  When we in the [old] First Division I was on my way home from the game when the Leeds supporters ran riot in the market, overturning the stall and terrifying everyone in there.’

Crowd trouble at away games: ‘At Cardiff when their fans charged at us and pelted us from behind the Bank (early 1980s).  At Preston, May 1981, a brick was thrown through our coach outside the ground.’ 

The Vetch and The Liberty:  ‘In the beginning I thought we’d lost so much of the wonderful atmosphere at the Vetch but now its really taken off at the Liberty.  The facilities are so much better at the Liberty.’

Most memorable game: ‘The last game of the season against Hull City.  Went with tears in my eyes thinking it may be our last league game but came out with tears of joy and no voice.’

Favourite Swans player of all time:  Bob Latchford.

Favourite Swans manager of all time: Billy McCandless.

Best Swans XI of all time:

Johnny King

Rory Keane

Ashley Williams

Reg Weston

Roy Paul

Billy Lucas



Frankie Burns

Cliff Jones

Ivor Allchurch

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