Derby Days

Back on the 7th of September 1912 Swansea Town played its first ever match. It was against Cardiff City! Since then the two clubs and their supporters have enjoyed an up and down relationship. What began as friendly rivalry grew rather sour after the 1960s.  But fans’ memories have been showing how before then some people followed both clubs.

You can can read a history of the derby from the perspective of the fans here.

Read this article about the derby from FourFourTwo magazine (July 1999).

This article is reproduced for historical and educational use. Copyright remains with the original owners.

Remember when Tate and Trundle for ‘anti-Cardiff’ behaviour in 2006? That prompted this article about the Cardiff-Swansea rivalry in When Saturday Comes.

There was another article about the rivalry by Huw in When Saturday Comes in 2002. You can read it here.

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