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Christmas and birthday Cards



Letter recalling receiving the 1969 card. Click to enlarge

1971 xmas card1

1971 club Christmas card

1971 xmas card 2

1971 club Christmas card


Birthday cards, sent to Chris Chapman in 1990s. Signed picture of player (Roger Freestone).


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Unusual opponents (1): Accra Hearts of Oak 1970

The Swans played Accra Hearts of Oak from Ghana in a pre-season friendly at the Vetch on 11 August 1970.  Having just been promoted to Division 3 under manager Roy Bentley, the Swans played the African side who were touring Britain where they played seven fixtures.  Hearts of Oak had already let in fifteen goals in games against Southend and Barnsley so Swans fans among the 4,008 crowd were expecting a goal-feast.  But it was not to be.  The Swans, who were still reeling from Mel Nurse’s sudden retirement (it did not last long!), but who had recently signed Barrie Hole from Aston Villa for £20,000, won 2-0 with goals from Herbie Williams.  The team that day was Millington, Slee, Gomersall, Williams (Alan), Hill, Hole, Allchurch (Len), Thomas, Williams (Herbie), Cotton, Evans.  The subs who played for the second half in place of Cotton and Allchurch were Willie Screen and Slattery.

I remember watching the game from the East Terrace and watching the Africans provided what was probably the most exotic experience in my life up to that point.  But I can’t remember many details, such as what colours they played in.  I have a hunch that it was some sort of Zebra-like black and white zig-zags, but this is probably my imagination running away with itself as can be seen from the history of the club on the Hearts of Oak website

Was there a programme for the game?  If so, has anyone got one that we can borrow so that we can digitise it?


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