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“Every time you go to a match you do yourself as much good as if you took a 3s. 6d. bottle of medicine”

In 1935, Swansea Town found itself with serious financial problems and there were genuine fears that the club would go bankrupt.  With the help of the press, the club began a campaign based on an appeal to community spirit and the conscience of supporters.

Its launch was presided over by the mayor with ‘moral support’ from representatives of Swansea RFC and the best wishes of a local MP.  A doctor was even there to encourage attendances through the benefits of being out in the air: ‘Speaking scientifically, every time you go to a match you do yourself as much good as if you took a 3s. 6d. bottle of medicine’!

An editorial in the South Wales Evening Post (15 June 1935), under the heading of the ‘Swans must be saved’, asked supporters if they were ‘going to leave in the lurch the people who have provided them with the opportunity of seeing most of the best sides in the game?’

A shilling fund, a boxing match, a dance at the Vetch and smaller events all around the town were organized by locals to raise funds for the club.  Here was a community fighting to help its soccer team.

Thanks to the fund raising the club survived but it was not to be the last financial crisis the Swans faced.

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When the WRU banned a Swansea Town director from playing rugby

The story of Swansea Town director, Dudley Folland, banned from rugby by the WRU for being involved in professional football. Source: Leeds Mercury, 18 January 1939. Click on the image to enlarge.

Leeds Mercury 18 Jan 1939

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The Vetch – The Board Room (1960s?)

Click to enlarge. The Board Room under the Centre Stand. Later this room became part of the Harry Griffiths Bar.

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Some ‘Don’ts’ for players, directors & fans from 1912

This is the advice The Cambrian newspaper (13 September 1912) gave to the new Swansea Town when reporting the club’s first ever match.  Somethings don’t change much!

To players

Don’t lose your temper; loss of temper means loss of form, and sometimes the match.

Don’t play to the gallery. Goals count, not pattern weaving.

To Directors

Don’t be too hasty in putting up prices. It often cuts down the average attendance.

Don’t forget that players are human beings, not machines.

To Spectators

Don’t think your team is the only one that can play a clever game. There are others.

Don’t desert your team when they strike a bad match. That’s when they want your encouragement most.

Don’t blame the referee for your defeats. Take them as men.

Don’t go to see one team play. It takes two sides to provide your sport. Give them both a share of your cheering.

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