Water under the Bridge….

Just to add interest to yesterday’s victory over Chelsea, the last (and only) time the Swans have won a match at Stamford Bridge was back in 1925. On 21st November of that year, the newly-promoted Swansea Town team made a first-ever appearance at the Bridge, beating the hosts 3-1. Goals came from Len Thompson, Billy Hole, and of course the mighty Jack Fowler. 43,000+ watched the Second Division game.

The return league match in April 1926 was a 0-0 draw – most Swansea fans would be happy with that scoreline in the League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg next week! Just out of interest, the only other cup-tie the two teams have ever played together was a League Cup 4th-round game at the Vetch in November 1964 – Chelsea won 3-2. They were a top-flight outfit then, while the Swans were a division below. Clearly the contest is a lot more even this time around….

Contmeporary newspaper picture on the 1925 game

Contemporary newspaper picture on the 1925 game

Cover of the programme from that first Chelsea game


And we can’t resist including this picture again: who is that man in the Swansea shirt?

p138 Frank Lampard

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