Swansea City shirts through the ages

Swans fan Matt Parry has kindly lent us his collection of various shirts, ranging from the 2011-12 season right back to the late 1970’s! Click on the first image below to browse our gallery of historic kits.

What’s your favourite ever Swans kit and why? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Swansea City Shirts. Retro Swans Shirts. Swansea City historical kit.


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4 responses to “Swansea City shirts through the ages

  1. Nick Chan

    Do they all still fit?

  2. iestyn

    Adidas 78/79 the best kit ever.

  3. Matt Parry

    Adidas 78/79 amazing kit.
    Thats not all my kits have a few more in frames on my walls in the house.

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