Not enough stats?

For all you Swans’ fans who are missing the comfort of football statistics, there is an excellent site devoted to Swansea City which has a table charting all of the club’s performances in the football league since 1920.

You can also get a dose of Europe-wide stats from the following link: 

This goes straight to the page on the Swans’ avaerage home gates, season by season in the league, but there is other stuff too. Don’t be put off by the label as part of English football history – the Swans have always competed in a league based in England, and have proudly been the first Welsh team to achieve many important milestones (e.g. first to compete in European competition, first to reach the Premier League).

At the risk of offending those of our audience who already know their way around the on-line world,  here are some other links to the main Swans’ fan sites:

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