Show me the way to go gnome…..

We have to share a hilarious story and accompanying picture with you all. Swans fan Tash Smith and her cousin set off for the Play-off final last year in full gnome regalia… just goes to show that eccentricity and devotion to the Swans are not the sole preserve of the old and infirm of mind!

“There is a tradition in our family of collecting gnomes, it started with my Grampa’s collection which has now been split between my dad and my auntie. Over the last couple of years the Swans have released a couple of Swansea City gnomes, which of course we had to buy.  

So when the play-off final beckoned last season, myself and my cousin Sarah, decided that we would dress as Swansea City gnomes. At the time of the play-off final, Ashley Williams was sporting a wonderful beard which we managed to adapt our beards to look like his.  

On Wembley Way before the match we were filmed by ITV Wales news singing and chanting and had requests to have photos with a number of fans. 

We had a wonderful day which was topped off by our arrival back in Swansea. Our bus dropped us off on the Kingsway and as we were walking past The Dragon Hotel, the one and only Lee Trundle was coming out of the entrance! At the sight of a Swansea City gnome, he chuckled and said hello.”

So, two young women who had swooned over Trundle’s handsome boyish good looks finally got to meet their hero – while dressed up as gnomes and wearing beards!

Great story Tash, and here is a photo of Tash and Sarah on the big day:

Far away from gnome….Tash and Sarah at Wembley

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