Swans v Manchester City

Click on images to enlarge.  With a game against Man City coming up, here are images from the programme for the home game played almost exactly thirty years in April 1982.  This is hard to believe because this is one of the games that stands out most clearly in my memory.  It came at the end of a great week, in which the Swans had already beaten Southampton 1-0 at the Vetch, and the team stood in third place in Division One (the old highest division).  The Swans beat City 2-0 in a game played in brilliant sunshine in front of a crowd of 19,212, and it was marked by a goal scored from a fantastic long-range shot by Gary Stanley.  It seemed then that the Swans were unstoppable and could even pip Liverpool to the title.  But looking back, the game against City in fact marked almost the all-time high in the club’s fortunes.  Five of the remaining six games of the season were lost, and the club finished in sixth place in the league.  The slump continued into the next season, and relegation ensued. The rest as they say is history.  What a day that was, though, and it can be relived on Match of the Day footage to be found on the ‘golden years’  videos and DVDs.

Any thoughts or memories about that game or others against City?  If so, let us have them.


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3 responses to “Swans v Manchester City

  1. Keith haynes

    I remember the goal that gary stanley scored, one of the best goals i have seen at the vetch field. I dont think joe corrigan played in goal that day though, was it alex chamberlain ? He was a very decent keeper but no way would have saved that if there were two of him in the nets. What a day that was, was it sunny ? Or was every home game back then bathed in sunshine !

  2. huwswans100

    Spot on Keith! Yes it was Chamberlain in goal, and it was always sunny at the Vetch in those days. It then started raining again in 1983 and it didn’t stop until about 2004.

  3. Keith haynes

    Now i remember, I also recall a right old shower around 1997 to 2001 as well 🙂 its been sunny since then mind.

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