Is 1918 ticket the oldest out there?

Contributor Byron Cooze brings 1918 ticket to archive

One of the most interesting pieces of Swans’ memorabilia we have taken into the virtual archive is a ticket from a match between Swansea Town and the Royal Flying Corps at the Vetch on 1st April 1918. Brought in by Byron Cooze, it belonged to his friend Tommy Williams, who probably had it from his father. But when we started researching the match, there was no mention of it in the South Wales Daily Post. They did however plug their own fund-raiser at St. Helen’s, an international rugby match between South Wales and New Zealand. Did the football match actually take place? Was it an elaborate April Fool joke? Was there rivalry betwen the various charitable funds, with the Daily Post only promoting their own War Prisoners’ Fund? Find out by following the link Swansea Town at War, 1918 

The ticket is a great find, so please keep looking in those attics and cellars for any more treasure as good as Byron’s offering.

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  1. Great reading your blog posst

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