Swans’ success has major impact on city’s fortunes

Brendan and the boys are good for business

After the recent victory over Arsenal, the South Wales Evening Post reported a huge knock-on effect on business and tourism in the city, from the growing success of the football team. Visiting fans are filling city-centre hotels and staying longer within the Swansea area, and even the city pubs are crammed with locals wanting to watch the games on TV. Belonging to the richest league in the world has given Swansea international exposure on a previously unknown scale, and can only be good for business.

Another side of the coin is the attractiveness of the city to players who are being wooed by the club – the beauty of Gower, the seaside location and the warm atmosphere of places like the Mumbles have been used by the club as additional enticements to players potentially moving to the area.  

It is hard to think that the previous (brief) sojourn in the top flight had the same impact on the city’s fortunes, but there can be no doubt that the whole current set-up – the stadium, the club organisation, the team and the football they play – is of a quality sufficient to get world-wide attention. The club is not only bringing pleasure to the hearts of the fans, it is bringing a glamour and a profile to Swansea that could not have been imagined 30 years ago.

The city now needs the team to stay in the Premier League and help defy those gloomy economic predictions! Supporting your Swans is now about more than just football – it’s about taking a pride in Swansea as a whole, and keeping the football team as the beating heart of a city facing huge challenges outside of the Liberty stadium.

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