Last league goal at the Vetch (30 April 2005)

Click to enlarge: The last league goal scored at the Vetch

Adrian Forbes scores the last league goal at the Vetch on 30 April 2005 in a 1-0 win over Shrewsbury Town.  Here he is seen smashing the ball past Joe Hart who is now (in January 2012) the goalkeeper for Manchester City and England. 

Adrian Forbes is now playing semi pro for Lowestoft Town and coaching for Norwich City FC’s player development centre. You can follow him on Twitter @forbesy7 

Are you one of the ‘faces in the crowd’ on the North Bank in the background?  If so, tell us your story of that emotional day.  Were you on the pitch at the end of the game, and what did you take home as a souvenir?

A reply from Twitter:

Brett Thomas “what a boiling glorious day that was #gonebutneverforgotten”

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