Players’ memories of the Vetch

It’s a fantastic place to be, especially when you are part of a winning team. When the crowd gets behind you it’s a wonderful atmosphere. It’s probably even better in evening games. The crowd is almost on top of you and you can almost hear someone ordering his pasty and tea. It has that kind of aura about it and teams do get intimidated when they come to the Vetch. [Colin Pascoe]

Night games hold it apart from any other ground. The atmosphere was always fantastic. Scoring at the Vetch was special. The fans on the North Bank always rushed forward and that was an unbelievable feeling. [John Williams]

As soon as you go out there the first thing you see is the fans on the North Bank. When it’s packed it’s an unbelievable feeling. [Lee Trundle]

It’s a hostile atmosphere. I have experienced both sides of it and I can guarantee it’s better to be a home player. [Roberto Martinez]

As a winger there is no better feeling than running down the flank in front of the North Bank. [Brad Maylett]

I spent many years on the gantry above the North Bank doing commentary. With the wind coming off the sea, it’s got to  be the coldest place on earth. I won’t miss that. [Dai Davies]

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